The Story of Linen

Violet-blue wildflowers that flourish across the loamy meadows, organic flax is harvested a month after it blooms. Soft and lustrous, pale fibres are stripped from the stems and, once bundled, have the appearance of blonde hair, thus the term ‘flaxen’. Meticulously dried, spun, and dyed, then woven into cloth by skilled local artisans, the resulting linen is extremely high quality and long lasting.

The ultimate home décor textile, the durability of linen has distinguished it for centuries. Made from the world’s strongest natural fibre, triple the strength of cotton, fine linen bedding and table settings are handed down from generation to generation. Favoured since the ancient Egyptians for its ability to wick damp, dry quickly, and keep the body arid and cool, linen is equally ideal for garments. Highly permeable and non-allergenic, linen possesses antibacterial properties and, processed organically, is among the most optimal fabrics for sensitive skin. 




Free of the petro chemicals and genetic modifications that blight other collections, Whitney Linen is natural, environmentally friendly, and supports local trades. Understanding that quality is the foundation of luxury, that truly fine things only get better with age, Whitney Linen produces investment pieces that last. Supple and wrinkle resistant, products may be machine-washed, tumble dried, and just get softer with time.