Thanksgiving: Turkey Tips & Tablescape

We've asked Whitney's husband, a fantastic chef, to share his turkey recipe with us. 

Roger's Thanksgiving Turkey Brine
Jamaican Irie poultry seasoning
Put in a bucket or sink or tub (depending on size!)
Submerge in ice water overnight

Take the turkey out
Apply butter beneath the skin of the turkey

In the cavity add onions
Green onions
Sprinkle all purpose seasoning over turkey then put in oven
Cook as directed by the size of your bird
Now, on to the table setting! Set the table with our linens.  Our Contrast Border Table Linens are very adaptable to different styles.  From traditional to rustic to more modern, they provide a great base for layering and adding texture.  This is one of the many reasons we love linen!
The Tablescape
Start by arranging placemats on the table.  Next, layer in candles, flowers or any other decor you'd like to add some personality to your table.  Then, place silverware, wine glasses and water glasses.  Layer in your napkins - wether you choose to drape a casually knotted napkin, use a napkin ring or place the folded napkin underneath the forks to the left.
Place setting grey contrast border with traditional silverware
Contrast Border Placemat & Contrast Border Dinner Napkin
in Grey
Relaxed place setting with beige contrast border table setting
in Oatmeal
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